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Making your financial decisions and planning easier and clearer

“Your Two Cents Worth” is a segment in Season 2 of the Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century with Lex Marinos and Patricia Amphlett.

Lex and Patricia will discuss a topic related to all things finances, economic security and planning.

A new episode will be added weekly, so you can return here to listen to the segment. There will be 34 episodes, with the first launched on May 4th.

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Recent episode

E34: Cautious Investing

Today on our final episode for the season, we chat to Rachel Waterhouse, CEO of the Australian Shareholders Association who says that with thorough research, awareness of risk, and a financial plan, investing in shares can help you achieve your financial goals.

Listen to Rachel’s advice.


Previous Episodes

E1: Making Your will - Don't Put It Off!

Making a will and clearly understanding the consequences of your decisions can help you sleep at night.

Listen here.

E2: How to Downsize

This episode takes us through the process of downsizing with Jillian McGrath, senior consulting agent with McGrath Estate Agents.

Listen now.

E3: Understanding how the aged pension and other entitlements work

In today’s episode some clear information on eligibility for the aged pension, the Commonwealth Health Card and other entitlements.

Have a listen.

E4: The Pleasures and Perils of Online Shopping

In this episode of Two Cents Worth, Christine David founder of IT for Retirees has some important tips for safe shopping online. She advises it is safe and secure as long as you stick to some important rules.

E5: Getting through divorce and separation

In this episode we speak with experienced lawyer Alice Mantel, specialist in family and elder law about the financial aspects of so called ‘grey divorces’.

Listen now.

E6: It’s never too late to understand your super

Even if you don’t have too much in your super account, it’s never too late to pay attention to your super. In this episode, Justin Bott, Financial Information Service Officer with Services Australia, says at its heart, super is a simple concept.


In this episode of Your Two Cents Worth, Lex chats with Gai Brennan who, in her sixties, teamed up with a friend and embarked on building a new business from scratch, to design, manufacture and market clothing for older women who want to exercise.

E8: Power of Attorney – what does it really mean?

Giving another person power over your affairs is one of the most important decisions you will make. In this episode, specialist in elder law Alice Mantel explains the differences between Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship.

E9: Will working affect my pension?

In this episode Justin Bott, Services Australia Financial Information Officer, explains that the impact of working on your entitlements is less than you might think. He says if you want to work, there are incentives to allow you to do so while maintaining all or some of your pension.

Have a listen.

E10: Tim Costello on the gambling trap

In this episode, Reverend Tim Costello, gambling reform advocate and former head of World Vision Australia speaks with Lex Marinos who has close family members to have been afflicted by gambling addiction.

Listen now.

E11: Changing your accommodation & the effect on your pension

In this episode, Justin Bott, Financial Information Officer from Services Australia, explains how downsizing, moving into a granny flat, a retirement village or aged care might affect your government entitlements.

Check it out.

E12: Making money by selling second hand items online

In this episode we’ll talk with Christine David, from IT for Retirees, about the ins and outs of selling and buying on Gumtree, eBay and other platforms with some important advice on how to avoid rip-offs.

Have a listen.

E13: Retirement Village Costs

A retirement village might be a good downsizing option, but it’s a major decision and you need to do your financial and legal homework before committing. Lex and Patricia speak with Retirement Village Ambassador Kathryn Greiner about the costs of retirement village living.

Listen now.

E14: Retirement Income Streams

Today’s episode of Your Two Cents Worth covers retirement income streams with Justin Bott from Services Australia Financial Information Service.

Check it out.

E15: What does the NBN offer?

The National Broadband Network, the NBN, has been built to upgrade the telecommunication network across Australia but it can be confusing to understand what it actually delivers and how to get the best plan for your needs. Ryan Williams Head of National Stakeholder Relations at NBN Co explains what it means for you.

E16: What are Grandparent Advisors?

In this episode we hear about the Grandparent Advisers, a free service to advise people who have taken on primary caring responsibility for grandchildren, including grandparents, kinship carers and foster carers.

E17: Retirees, spend your capital while you are alive

In today’s episode, Paul Versteege, Policy Officer from the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association throws a challenge – do you want to be financially secure now, or when you’re dead? Listen now to find out how to you make the post-retirement income equation work best so you have a good lifestyle and make the most of the capital you have.

E18: Financial Support for Carers

If you are a carer for your partner, parent or other family members Justin Bott, Financial Information Service Officer at Services Australia, explains what financial assistance you can get, especially if you have to give up your job in order to provide the necessary care.

Have a listen.

E19: Facing up to funeral costs

On today’s episode Paul Versteege, Policy Manager for the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association wants people to be more aware of funeral costs and take the initiative in planning their funeral, and paying for it, well in advance.

E20: Choice on consumer advocacy

In this episode, some advice from Choice campaigns and policy adviser Patrick Veyret, on how to be a smart and informed consumer when making major expensive purchases.

Have a listen.

E21: Dealing with Debt

In this episode of Y2CW, Jennifer Lewis, a senior solicitor at the Financial Rights Legal Centre, offers advice to those suffering from debt and financial stress.

Check it out.

E22: Dealing with Debt

Patrick Veyret, the Senior Campaigns and Policy Adviser at CHOICE, says Afterpay, Zip and other buy now pay later (BNPL) providers operate with very little regulation. He is concerned that people are being trapped into unaffordable debt.

Listen to his advice.

E23: Don’t be fooled by romance scams!

Romance scams are more common than you think and now operate on a global scale. Delia Rickard, Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has some advice on how to avoid such scams.

Have a listen.

E24: Reviewing your insurance policies

Every time your insurance premiums go up you probably ask, is insurance really worth it? Especially if your income is reducing, and the premiums are rising. Jen Lewis, Senior Solicitor with the Financial Rights Legal Centre suggests doing a thorough review of your insurance policies, including a careful reading of the fine print.

Find out more.

E25: Time to review your bank

Are you a customer who feels aggrieved about the behaviour of banks? Patrick Verrey from Choice Magazine says it’s not as hard to change banks as you might think.

Listen how.

E26: scams and more scams!

Scams can ruin people’s lives, and there’s little that can be done to retrieve people’s hard-earned money.

Listen to what Delia Rickard, Deputy Chair of the ACCC advises.

E27: Best deals on your energy bills

In today’s episode of Your Two Cents Worth, Clare Savage, Chair of the Australian Energy Regulator says there are ways to get a cheaper deal in the competitive gas and electricity market.

Have a listen.

E28: Timeshare holidays – a good idea?

Timeshare is where a property has a divided form of ownership, usually in holiday units. Patrick Verray, finance specialist from Choice, says that they are drawing attention to breaches of the law and are lobbying for tighter regulation.

Hear what Choice advises.

E29: Talking about investment for women

Lola Smith from the Australian Shareholders Association, says there are differences in how men and women talk about money and their finances. It can mean women don’t take up opportunities to actively manage their finances and build their wealth through investment.

Listen to her advice.

E30: Shares 101

Policy and Advocacy Manager from the Australian Shareholders Association, Fiona Balzer says it is possible to dip your toe into the share market in a modest way to learn the ropes.

Listen how!

E31: Advice on going solar!

Elliott Rosen, from the Clean Energy Council, the peak body for the renewable energy sector in Australia, has sound advice for people considering getting solar panels installed. 

Have a listen.

E32: Private health insurance: is it worth it?

In this episode, we speak with Uta Mihm, a health insurance specialist from the consumer organisation, Choice about the pros and cons. She worked on the Choice online tool designed to compare more than thirty health insurance funds.

Listen up.

E33: Cutting your energy bills

You can do a lot to cut energy use and your bills without installing solar panels. Today’s guest, Rob Murray-Leach, head of policy at the Energy Efficiency Council, is working on reducing his own bills by a massive 95% with a few simple changes.

Listen how.

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