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The Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century

The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Life in the 21st Century’ is a podcast for older Australians, 55 and over who want to get the best out of life, right here, and right now.

They’re back! A new 2022 season of the Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century with Lex Marinos and Patricia Amphlett.

Patricia and Lex promise it will be great listening on varied topics such as knobbly knees, wrinkles, wrinkle cream, politics, pensions, spirituality, sexuality… in fact they will talk about anything and everything under the sun!

So join them.  Be Connected and Stay Connected with Lex and Patricia.

A new episode will be added weekly, so return to listen, or subscribe on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts, or visit the Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century website.

The Baby Boomers Guide To Life in the 21st Century Podcast Season 3

Each week Lex and Patricia will have a special guest or broach a topic to help you navigate the tricky world of finances, economic security and planning.

Life Sentences

OWN NSW Ambassador, Caroline Baum, has a new podcast Life Sentences.

“In my new podcast series, LIFE SENTENCES, I’m sharing my curiosity and enthusiasm as a reader of biography, (and an aspiring biographer keen to gather a few tips). I’ve asked eight of the best practitioners about the tricks and tools of their trade, and how they navigate the often vexed issues of writing someone’s life story- things like difficult relatives and restricted access to archives.” 

“One of the most rewarding aspects of the series has been highlighting books about women who have not always received the attention they deserved. This is especially true of photographer Olive Cotton, who gets the serious recognition she deserves from curator turned author Helen Ennis.Ennis knew Cotton professionally and personally and has written a sensitive, insightful account of a life lived away from the spotlight. “
“Another woman who gets overdue recognition from her biographer is Claire Weekes, the psychologist who helped sufferers of anxiety around the world with a method that sounds deceptively simple, and which involves a ‘floating’ technique. Judith Hoare’s very engaging account takes the reader into Weekes’ private life, with her lifelong companion, pianist Beth Coleman. I must confess that until I read this biography, I had never heard of Weekes or her work, but now recognise her lasting influence on effective treatment of common mental health issues.”
“Other women featured in the series include Tasmanian First Nations woman Truganini, whose life in the early colony has been much misunderstood, and suffragette and peace activist Vida Goldstein, who long deserved an account of her achievements.”
“I hope you’ll join me and listen to the series. It’s available on AppleGoogleSpotify and wherever you get your favourite podcasts.”

– Caroline Baum

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