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Seeking radical change for women as they AGE



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We’re working to understand & address the key issues affecting older women. You’ll find our focus areas for 2019 -2022 below.



Wellbeing & Connectedness

Violence Against Older Women

Financial Security

Abuse of Older Women

Upcoming Events

Mar 27
Empowering You to Age Well
Community Cafe and talk Join us
Apr 6-16
The Art Of Ageing
A free photographic exhibition on the Art of Ageing Join us
Apr 3
Origami and Tea
Join us for a great afternoon learning origami Join us

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“I had to break through barriers; I had to have courage and strength to be bigger than myself.”

Two asian women facing the camera. The woman on the left is wearing glasses and a blue floral shirt. The woman on the right is wearing a pink headband and a red top with a scarf.

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What does coming to the Older Women’s Network mean?

About Us

OWN NSW believes in, and promotes, a society rich in social capital.

We’re older, bolder, wiser and wittier! Watch the video to find out.

Women are traditional spinners - of tales, of cloth, or many fine things. May we in OWN continue to spin strong webs of support which create a safety net for older women's emotional and physical wellbeing; and create a sling from which to catapult into the wider community older women's aspirations for a better world. 

- Noreen Hewett -

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