E27: Best deals on your energy bills

Have you had one of those annoying phone calls suggesting you change your electricity or gas company?

It’s confusing isn’t it, there seems to be too much choice in the expanding energy market. Not to mention the concerns about lowering our carbon emissions to do our bit to reduce global warming.

Clare Savage, Chair of the Australian Energy Regulator says there are ways to get a cheaper deal in a competitive retail market.

Energy Made Easy is a new free and independent resource to help you get the best deal for your gas and electricity. It will give you a comparison between different providers, using your energy bill. There are fact sheets to help you choose the right plan, with checklists you can go through.

Clare Savage suggests you use Energy Made Easy, shop around and spend some time to get the right plan for you.

How do you read your electricity bills? They are in the process of being made simpler.

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