E16: What are Grandparent Advisors?

In this episode we hear about the Grandparent Advisers, a free service to advise people who have taken on primary caring responsibility for grandchildren, including grandparents, kinship carers and foster carers.

It’s a vital role and involves a lot of practical and emotional challenges from sorting out schooling and childcare to paperwork such as Medicare.

Justin Bott, Financial Information Officer with Services Australia says there is help available for grandparents who step in to become primary carers who may face financial problems.
The specialist service provided by Services Australia is designed to help non-parent carers with practical matters such as payments such as childcare subsidies and carer support benefits. The Grandparent Adviser can also link carers with services to assist with the practicalities and challenges of raising children.

You can make a free call on 1800 245 965 to speak to a Grandparent Advisor.

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