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Making your financial decisions and planning easier and clearer

“Money Extra” is a segment in Season 3 of the Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century with Lex Marinos and Patricia Amphlett.

Lex and Patricia will discuss a topic related to all things finances, economic security and planning.

A new episode will be added weekly, so you can return here to listen to the segment. 

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The Baby Boomers Guide To Life in the 21st Century Podcast Season 3

Recent episode

E6: More on the Downsizer Benefit

In this episode of Money Extra, we’ll find out more of the nitty gritty detail of the downsizer benefit where you can use the proceeds of your house sale to boost your super.

Listen in.

E1: Divorcing in later life

You might be surprised to know that the fastest growing group of divorcees is people over fifty. An increasing number of people are choosing to divorce at older ages, and this can have significant financial implications.

Listen to find out more.

E2: Retirement - it’s not just about the money

In this episode of Money Extra, financial adviser Marc Bineham urges us to look at retirement from much more than a financial perspective. Emotional and physical aspects are just as important.

Check it out.

E3: Is there a future in cryptocurrencies?

There’s no doubt investing in cryptocurrency is growing in popularity. But before you consider investing in this new form of money, you need to become well informed.

Have a listen.

E4: Cutting the cost of living

We all know prices are going up and up, but how do we make our dollars go further in these inflationary times. Liam Kennedy from the consumer organisation Choice has lots of ideas on how to save money.

Find out what they are.

E5: Inheritance & the downsizer super contribution

In this episode, elder law specialist Alice Mantel reveals the enormous amounts of money transferred through inheritances and gifts in Australia.

Find out more.

Your Guide To Aged Care Financing

E2: Navigating Aged Care with Paul Sadler

Paul Sadler has a wealth of experience in aged care and in his long experience, he has witnessed many improvements, notably in the physical quality of accommodation, and the expansion of aged care services.

Listen now.

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