E22: The High Cost of Funerals

Australians want more individualised funeral services, and more of us are moving away from traditional practices around what is called ‘death care’.

That’s the finding of a study commissioned by BARE, a new entrant in the funeral industry that offers more personalised and cheaper funeral options.

Paying for funerals can be a big financial burden at a time of grief and stress with the average funeral costing around $7500. Funeral insurance is not value for money with many people paying far more in premiums than the cost of the actual funeral.

New less expensive services offer pre-payment for cremation, and opportunities to devise an individualised funeral and send off with your family and friends. These don’t require a funeral director, viewing and other traditional services thus cutting costs. A cremation can be held first with an individualised event later. A pre-arranged funeral, however you plan it, takes the stress off your family at a time of intense grief and allows you to devise your own event, whether that’s a service or a more celebratory affair.

Although contemplating death is uncomfortable, it’s never too early to have a conversation with your family and make a plan.

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