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Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

NSW govt declines shift on 'cruel' policy

30 Jan, 2023

The NSW government has rejected a recommendation to lower its priority age for helping elderly homeless people, after an inquiry heard current policy settings are “cruel”.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Decades apart, Yumi and Ellie share a story — one that links them to millions of Australian women

ABC News
05 Dec, 2022

According to Australia’s first-ever 10-year scorecard on women’s health and wellbeing, Ellie and Yumi reflect two generations of women — aged 18-24 and 55-64 — who are experiencing some of the highest levels of psychological distress we’ve seen in this country.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Free art program for older women refugees to share tales of struggle

Local News Plus
Sept, 2022

The Older Women’s Network is currently hosting a free art workshop for older migrant or refugee women. The workshops are conducted by artist, activist, author and domestic violence survivor Amani Haydar.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

New aged care charter protects elderly against sexual assault. Are you #ReadyToListen?

Aged Care News 
30 AUG, 2022

Dr Catherine Barrett, alongside Yumi Lee, CEO of Older Women’s Network NSW, and the executive team of the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN), has developed the Charter of Sexual Rights and Responsibilities as part of the ongoing #ReadyToListen campaign.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS


Future Women
The Download
JUN, 2022

Speaking on Future Women’s weekly news segment the Download CEO of OWN NSW, Yumi Lee shared the reason she suspects sexual assaults in aged care go unreported.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Engaging Men and Boys: Ending Violence Against Women and Girl

CWF Forum
Jun 21, 2022

NOWN Ambassador, Shirley Randall, on the panel at the CHOGM meeting in Rwanda.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

‘Shocking’ rate of sexual abuse of aged care residents barely changed since royal commission.

The Guardian
06 JUN, 2022

Peak rights group for older Australians, including OWN, demands urgent change after 530 incidents of sexual abuse reported in last quarter of 2021.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Elder abuse Forum

City of Parramatta Council 
May, 2022

OWN NSW CEO Yumi Lee, seeks to inform on context and responses to elder abuse as a panel member at the forum.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

“Not Having Enough Super Keeps Me Awake At Night”

April, 2022

OWN NSW CEO Yumi Lee, tells TONIC Magazine what issues in the forthcoming election are important for her.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

A race against time as Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill faces long list of amendments in the NSW upper house

May 18, 2022

Beverly Baker, Older Women’s Network Chair, states religious-based aged care providers should respect the wishes of residents.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Australian PM’s department drops widely mocked ‘phallic’ women’s network logo

The Guardian
March 15, 2022

National OWN describe the logo as “either thoughtless or an insult”

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Elephant in the room: How do we prevent sexual assaults in aged care facilities?

Mar 22, 2022

Women’s rights advocate and CEO of the Older Women’s Network NSW, Yumi Lee, speaks out against sexual assault in aged care.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

International Women’s Day 2022


March 8, 2022

EveryAGE Counts discussion on Ageism and Women’s Rights featuring OWN NSW CEO, Yumi Lee.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

'Insulting, out of touch': Australians lambast government's phallic Women's Network logo

SBS News
March 24, 2022

OWN NSW CEO, Yumi Lee, describes new logo for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Women’s Network as “ludicrous” and “insulting”.

Article grab in Canberra Weekly by Cassandra Power

Perrottet’s transport train wreck strands millions

City Hub
Feb 24, 2022

OWN NSW Chair Beverley Baker describes how the action of shutting down the rail system without notice was as an ‘unethical’ action that exposed many older residents.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Group of grannies become controversial MP's latest target

A Current Affair By Tanya Weingarth
Nov 12, 2021

Controversial MP Andrew Laming targets the Older Women’s Network NSW.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Amended NSW consent bill sent to house by Hannah Ryan, Gina Rushton, Jack Gramenz
Nov 19, 2021

OWN NSW criticising the bill’s exception and warning it is too broad.

Yumi Lee sitting in the OWN office

New guidance tool could see some aged care sexual assaults unreported for a month, advocates say

ABC NEWS | The World Today by Sally Sara and Scott Mitchell
October 7, 2021

OWN NSW Manager, Yumi Lee, spoke to the issues within the Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission’s Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) tool.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

Coffs Harbour Older Women’s Network Group hits a milestone first year of operation.

Coffs Coast News Of The Area
October 29, 2021
by News Of The Area

Coffs Harbour Older Women’s Network (CH OWN) group one year on!

Yumi Lee sitting in the OWN office

"Ways to tackle homelessness among women over 50 in our regions."

The Examiner
Sept 20, 2021

OWN NSW manager, Yumi Lee, spoke to the Examiner about the launch of a specialist housing service for older people to help tackle homelessness.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS

The road to resilience - Life lessons in disaster recovery for older Australians

Australian Association of Gerontologists (Recording of the Virtual Event)
July 27, 2021

Professor Paul Arbon in a panel discussion with Aged and Community Services Australia, CEO, Pat Sparrow and Chair of Older Women’s Network NSW, Beverley Baker, to consider learnings for older people and the aged care system. Click here

Yumi Lee sitting in the OWN office

“Intervention focus needed to stop male violence in the home.”

Central News UTS Journalism Lab
July 26, 2021

Student journalist, Emily Roux, published an article about coercive control and men’s behavioural change quoting segments of a panel hosted by OWN NSW in June, ‘Insidious entrapment: understanding coercive control’.

Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS


MSN News
March 15, 2021

OWN NSW Chair, Beverly Baker and Manager, Yumi Lee interviewed in Canberra on why they attended the March4Justice event.

Article grab in Canberra Weekly by Cassandra Power

'It's hard to get work when you're older': Ageism in the workplace

SBS Insight
July 27, 2021

OWN Newtown Wellness Centre member Kate Rowe appeared on SBS Insight to share her story of retirement.

Yumi Lee sitting in the OWN office

How much money do you need to retire? The answer depends on one big thing.

SMH,  Rhiana Whitson
June 15, 2021
OWN NSW Manager, Yumi Lee, discusses superannuation and older women and the worry around being able to retire comfortably.
Beverly Baker on Insight, SBS


Insight, SBS, S2021 E11
May 26, 2021

The majority of older Australians want to remain in their own home as they age but many will need assistance to do that successfully.  OWN NSW Chair, Beverly Baker, appeared on Insight to discuss caring for ageing parents. She appeared because she’s angry about the state of aged care in Australia because she knows first-hand how it can strip the dignity of older people.

Article grab in Canberra Weekly by Cassandra Power

"Australians react to big spending budget"

ABC TV 7:30 Report
May 12, 2021

OWN NSW Project Manager, Christine Hall, was interviewed on the 7:30 report  with her father, Brian Kelly and discussed where the system failed with his home care package.

Yumi Lee on Q & A

Spotlight on Aged Care

February 25, 2021

Yumi Lee OWN NSW Manager appeared on the programme and asked: Following the revelation of Ms Brittany Higgins, the spotlight is now on Parliament House and the culture which silences women who have experienced abuse and sexual assaults. And rightly so. There are about about 50 cases of sexual abuse in aged care per week. Why is there no outrage about this cold, hard fact? Why isn’t anyone held to account? Have we as a community decided that older women don’t count, and don’t matter?

Beverly Baker on Q & A

Ageism in the workforce

March 4, 2021

Beverly Baker OWN NSW Chair asked: I’m 70 & I still work in paid employment. I’m fortunate because the reality is employers don’t want to hire older people, as the Australian Human Rights Commission confirmed in a research study. With so many older women like me still able and wanting to work, how can we encourage businesses to hire older women when they believe women over 50 are “too old” & not worth hiring?

Article grab in Canberra Weekly by Cassandra Power

"Older women balancing resilience and trauma"

Canberra Weekly, Cassandra Power
October 17, 2020

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