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What does coming to the Older Women’s Network mean to me?

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Small friendly classes, great teachers and comfortable safe space. Feldendkrais for all, gentle movement that structures, supports and brings awareness to move in a greater, more flexible manner.  Margaret is an excellent teacher, helps you to fine tune your body with ease. Dance Class and Ukulele, great teachers, fun learning environment, great for your body and brain, keeps both active in a fit and fun way.  All set in lovely surroundings, a garden to sit in, a 10 minute walk from Newtown Station. Friendly and caring staff.

Ruth Hearne

Portrait shot of Ruth

Safe space, great classes, welcoming staff, information source.

Jan Polverino

A quiet women’s space in the busyness of Newtown is invaluable to my wellbeing.


Excellent teachers, excellent location. Meeting new and interesting women.  Feldenkrais classes are very beneficial as well as fun.

Liz Hind

Mary doing a Yoga class, sitting on a mat

It has really made a difference in my health and mental wellbeing coming to these classes. They are friendly and welcoming with excellent teachers and they are affordable.  I particularly get a lot from the Feldenkrais with Margaret because it has improved my flexibility and strength.

Mary Porter


Joan Morrissey

Social, happy, and enjoy.

Suzanne Wong

Keeping fit physically and mentally. Making new friends. 

Karen Toh

Physical and emotional health. Working with a great group of women. I came with my sister to give her courage to walk through the door. I can’t see my life without it anymore.

Krystyna Ziera

Portrait of Krystyna

Friendship, positiveness; learning skills; broaden your outlook.

Carol Wolshan

 Friendship, relaxation, meeting new people, and learning new challenging things.

Bev Spithill

Pauline at an event, speaking into a microphone

Meeting with other friendly women.  Coming to Feldenkrais and New Moves and connecting with my body.  A calm quiet time for energetic movement. I love the way we are told we are all beautiful and we look beautiful.

Pauline Trenerry

Portrait of Norma

It makes me get up and go and the company is great.

Norma Griffiths

Portrait of Valerie

 Exercise – fun and laughter; getting to know new people. 

Valerie Pade

Portrait of Benna

Hopefully to increase my general fitness and balance. 

Benna Hart

Get out of the house and the shops. Doing new activities, making friends. Has led to outings other than strictly OWN.

Faye Wheatley

Portrait of Faye

I enjoy coming here.

Angeline David

It stimulates my mind and body. The friendships are invaluable.


Portrait of Hang

Exercise, fun, social and improve my health and brain.

Hang Trinh Huynh

Enjoyable workout in Line Dancing; enjoyable learning in ukulele; socialising; an uplifting time!

Molly Yeap

Portrait of Molly

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What does coming to the Older Women’s Network mean to you? We would love to know.

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