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OWN NSW exists as a network of member groups within the state, some of which operate as Wellness Centres.

OWN groups are self-determining and vary according to their member’s needs and wants, and are reflective of their location.

Groups meet on a regular basis (whether it be weekly, fortnightly or monthly) to gather socially or to offer members a range of activities, such as guest speakers, discussions, outings, film and book groups, and facilitated classes.

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1998 - The Aboriginal Support Circle commemorates the first Sorry Day at the OWN office with a prominent banner depicting Aboriginal and white women’s feet walking together with the word ‘Sorry’ blazoned across it.
Aboriginal Support Circle (ASC)
Our aim is to study the history, customs and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and to spread this knowledge amongst associates and friends so that a better understanding and appreciation of Indigenous people can be gained. Read More
Bankstown Greek
We are a community hub, bringing together older Greek women from Bankstown and the surrounding areas to celebrate their community and friendship. Read More
Bankstown Wellness
At OWN Bankstown Wellness Centre, we welcome women of all cultures to build wellness, friendship and community. We offer fun, relaxation, acceptance and support. Read More
A group of women participating in a thai-chi class
Blacktown & Wellness
Our group believes that staying connected is the key to staying healthy as you get older. So our aim is to make sure you have fun! Read More
Brisbane Water
We support older women in the Gosford shire and are based at the southern end of the Central Coast in New South Wales. Read More
Deepwater Woy Woy
Deepwater OWN Woy Woy is a unique venture born out of desire to create a warm, vibrant, safe, contemporary and comfortable space where your voice and views as an older woman are central, and our collective voice carries weight. Read More
The SilvertOWNs at a gig
Illawarra OWN began in 1998 after a meeting held by staff at the Bulli Community Health Centre. We didn’t need to be told twice that to have our voices heard we had to raise them. Read More
Illawarrra Wellness
Illawarra Wellness Centre was opened in September 2009 and commenced with classes in Tai Chi, Gentle Exercise and Drumming. Read More
A group of women sitting around the table eating fish and chips
Our group was established in the Macarthur area in May 1997 due to a great need in the area for older women whose families had grown up, partners may have died or departed, and they now found themselves alone. Read More
Three senior mature ladies meditating
Newtown Wellness
Based at the head office of OWN NSW, the Newtown Wellness Group are a friendly, diverse bunch of older women who share a desire to live life well. Read More
A group of women having a rest during bush walking
Northside Wellness Centre
OWN Northside Wellness Centre began in 1996 and established a Feldenkrais class for around 30 older women. Read More
A group of 8 women sitting on the grass in a circle
Nowra OWN was established in 1992, with the aim of being an information hub for older women in the region, and a mouthpiece for their concerns. Read More


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