E15: What does the NBN offer?

The National Broadband Network, the NBN, has been built to upgrade the telecommunication network across Australia but it can be confusing to understand what it actually delivers and how to get the best plan for your needs.

Ryan Williams Head of National Stakeholder Relations at NBN Co explains what it means for you and why it’s necessary as more and more services move online. From doctors’ appointments, online shopping to connecting with family and friends, it’s now more important to be connected. Even of you have a landline, you need to move to the NBN network.

The NBN uses a range of technologies to offer faster internet to connect to premises. NBN Co manages the broadband network and is responsible for connecting to your home. Inside your premises is managed by you or your provider who also gives you a plan to provide your phone and internet services. The installation is free with a new modem supplied by your service provider.

You should shop around to choose an internet provider that suits your budget and needs for usage to get a plan that works best for you. Ask about additional costs, speeds and data allowances to help narrow down what you need as monthly costs can vary widely. Ideally, you want a plan that is cheap, fast with a good amount of data. Friends and family members can be very helpful so ask around for advice.

If you just need your mobile phone only you don’t need to change to NBN, however home alarm systems and medical alarms generally require the internet to work.

Beware of scam calls telling you your service will be cut off. The NBN never makes unsolicited phone calls or asks for credit card or personal details. Hang up and call your own internet service provider. You can also report the calls to Scamwatch.

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