E7: Tips on starting a business later in life

Gai Brennan thought her days as a small business woman were behind her, but then she saw a gap in the market and re-ignited her passion for business.

When Gai decided to get fit and improve her wellbeing in retirement, she couldn’t find active wear that was comfortable and made her feel good.

So in her sixties, she teamed up with a friend Lucy McLaren and embarked on building a new business from scratch, to design, manufacture and market clothing for older women who want to exercise.

She was hit with ageist attitudes, and lack of understanding about the needs and interests of the older demographic. Undeterred she drew on her past business experience and complementary expertise from her business partner to create Posh Active.

Gai has worked in the fashion industry for many decades so was able to draw on that expertise, along with Lucy’s skills in using social media for marketing.

She advises that knowledge of how to use social media and running a business online is essential for anyone embarking on starting a business. If you don’t have the knowledge, think collaboratively and partner with someone who does.

She also suggests using your past experience and skill base in any new business rather than moving into a whole new area. As she did, find the problem and then try to solve it.

Gai wakes up every morning feeling energised, enjoying the challenges of running a business and meeting the needs of a neglected demographic.

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