Voices of older women

Peeling prawns, by Melanie

From the voices of older women: “Whenever I think about sexual assault I think about my mother and aunties, their hands in shreds as they peeled prawns while the men sat around drinking beer. My cousin’s husband sexually abused me since the age of 11…”

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Hope for new life, by Theresa

From the voices of older women: “The older women is a windswept tree. All the leaves are gone and the branches are silhouetted against the sky. So much has been lost.”

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Rising from the ashes, by Bee

From the voices of older women: “You know how when you are homeless, you feel so lonely? I was living in my car. I’m 67 and very fortunate because I am now in social housing. It’s all women here so I feel safe.”

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Not the Venus, by Dom

From the voices of older women: “The so-called Venus of Willendorf statues have been explained as fertility symbols, stone-age pornography, female goddesses. Several archaeologists have measured their bodily dimensions and claim these statues represent post-menopausal women.”

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The Fog, by Angela

From the voices of older women: “Through the fog we recognise there is a human form; but we don’t really care to know too much. We understand she may have suffered. We understand she has loved and created; but we don’t really care. The sharpness is gone. Through the fog we can’t really see her – we could if we tried. But we don’t.”

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The Phoenix, by Kiran

From the voices of older women: “We are conditioned to be compliant with our social and cultural expectations. So, it’s up to me as a woman to make my marriage work in spite of the fact that I might be married to an absolute dickhead.”

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The cost, by Patricia

From the voices of older women: “The cost of reporting is very high. What if the carer who she is reliant on is sexually assaulting her? That’s a horrible situation for her to be in. She is crying and tearing her hair out.”

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