Special Projects

Recipes for Connection

This project brings together older women from migrant communities to cook and share important recipes and the stories that come with them. Register to attend a workshop now!

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Planning for the unexpected

We don’t know when death comes knocking, but we can certainly put many things in place so you can have peace of mind. Planning ahead can also avoid potential conflict. This new, free, online series will take you systematically through what you need to organise, from writing a will, family conversations, and how to approach the dreaded task of decluttering, etc.

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The Biscuit Tin

The Biscuit Tin is a campaign calling out the ageist/sexist representations of older women in popular culture, because these representations are drivers of the oppression, gender inequalities, family violence and elder abuse that older women experience.

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First nations

OWN NSW wants to harness the power of our strong and large community to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by walking together with them in the spirit of true reconciliation.

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Our Own Stories

“Our OWN Stories” was set up as a ten-week workshop program at Bankstown Arts Centre with 15 older women from refugee and migrant backgrounds. These women were offered the opportunity to express themselves and tell their stories through art.

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Where’s Lyn?

In the lead up to 2023 International Women’s Day, we’re calling on everyone to to ask the question, “Where’s Lyn?” because the voices of older women are being ignored in the design of policies, especially the policies which impact them the most.

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The #OlderWomenCount campaign run in partnership with CELEBRATE AGEING highlights the achievements and contributions of older women, raises awareness of the inequalities they experience and promotes strategies for inclusion.

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The Voices of Older Women

Every older woman has a story to tell. Each one is unique. These stories have been collated as part of the #ReadyToListen project aimed at ending sexual assaults of older women, including those living in residential aged care.

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Friendship Links through OWN (FLOWN)

The purpose of FLOWN is to promote friendship and social contact amongst members of OWN NSW – to facilitate interaction between our members to alleviate loneliness, and increase social contact. It also plants the seeds which could grow into lasting friendships being formed and reciprocal visits.

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Ready To Listen

10 actions required for residential aged care service providers to be #ReadyToListen to disclosure of sexual assault.

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Love for Lismore

The floods in the Northern Rivers of NSW have been devastating. Join us in doing something for the older women in that area by providing Love in a Bag care packs or a donation to express our solidarity with them at this difficult time.

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Tea Stories

The #TeaStories campaign aims to reconnect and offer support to older women. It collects stories about how older women have renegotiated connection and caring during lockdown. We hope these stories promote creativity and hope. Share your Tea Story with us.

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Ageism in Health Care

Health Consumers NSW and the Older Women’s Network NSW have worked together to investigate the prevalence of ageism in health care, and how older people experience the discrimination they face. Read our report.

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In Her Shoes

Older women are increasingly being sexually abused in residential aged care facilities, and are not being believed.

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Buy a Mask

Buy a mask, protect yourself and others and support homeless older women. Each mask is made by one of our members from material donated by our members. Funds raised from the sale of the masks will go to our Buy a Brick Campaign, building housing for homeless older women as part of our efforts to end homelessness of older women.

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Lick Lick Blink

Willoh S. Weiland wanted to turn the representation of women, especially older women, on its head in this modern installation.

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