Tea Stories

Tea Stories

Older women are the largest group of unpaid carers in Australia. They care for partners, children, grandchildren, friends and communities. Older women are also connectors; they bring people together in ways that build community and joy.

When NSW went into lockdown in mid 2021, the Older Women’s Network NSW expressed concern about the wellbeing of older women who are feeling less connected and supported. To address this issue the #TeaStories campaign was launched. The campaign calls on older women (and people of all ages and genders) to find new ways of connecting and to share their stories to encourage others and to build hope. The campaign uses the tea cup as a symbol of the importance of connection to older women.

The #TeaStories campaign is a partnership between the Older Women’s Network NSW and The Kindness Pandemic – an initiative of Celebrate Ageing Ltd.
How to participate
We invite women, men and TGD people of all ages to share a story about connecting during COVID19. You can share a short film or photo and story – details below:Share a 2 min film:

Share a photo and text:
Share a picture of a tea cup – or you with your cup of tea (photos, drawings, painting, anything)
In just a few sentences – tell us how you have stayed connected during Covid19
Share your words and photo with us by email: info@thekindnesspandemic.org
Share to Kindness Pandemic facebook group and use the hashtag #TeaStories – so we can find all the stories in the group.

Make a 2 min film on your smart phone
Tell us what some of the connection challenges were for you during COVID19
Tell us how you have made it work – how are you staying connected?
Email the film to us at: info@thekindnesspandemic.org
Share to the Kindness Pandemic Facebook group

Film Gallery – Watch the #TeaStories below.

Share your Tea Story with us. We would love to hear from you.

Photo Gallery 

Share your Tea Story with us. We would love to hear from you.

I LOVE my cup of tea & it has to be Twinings English Breakfast Tea LEAVES. I start my day with a BIG cup of tea.I found this one in Moscow & it suits me to a “T”. I usually have 4 smaller ones during the day as well.

Lockdown would have been a lot harder if I hadn’t had wonderful Line Dancing Teachers doing lessons on Zoom & Facebook. I can’t wait to get back to my classes & see all my friends I have missed so much. Girlfriends are the “Family you Choose for Yourself”   – Donna –

Although here in Coffs we are out of lockdown, my eldest daughter Corinne Paterson is in Valentine and they are still in lockdown. Her birthday is coming up and we won’t be able to see her face to face.
Having a cup of tea out of my special cup and saucer that was a present when I was 16 and that is a long time ago. #TeaStories

Being able to do a road trip travel is what I miss and not being able to see Corinne.

I would be devastated if anything happened to this cup! My entertainer daughter sent it to me from the UK (where she lived & performed for 15 yrs) in Dec 2015 when I had my first spinal surgery.

Although I’m a Counsellor etc, at 66 & even before Covid I have felt quite isolated & depressed since having to retire. I live in a 35 storey bldg here on the Gold Coast where most of the residents are quite elderly & just don’t interact which is very sad. I’ve just had my 3rd spinal surgery. This cup & its contents of Twinings Lady Grey tea has been a huge mainstay in my life! I even took it into hospital with me & my teabags! Much love to you all xx Gail

STEP 1: Cut some grass leaves from a lemon grass clump.
STEP 2: These can be used green or dried (brown) -Tie one leaf into a smaller clump, and sit in your cup. (That’s the leaf, not you) :)
STEP 3: Add boiled water.
STEP 4: Let Tea “swirler” steep, add a little cold water if needed.

And remember, a Woman’s Place IS everywhere. And soon we ALL will be again! Take care of each other, Sonja.

Contact us
Older Women’s Network NSW email: manager@ownnsw.org.au
The Kindness Pandemic email: info@thekindnesspandemic.org or 0429582237

The #TeaStory campaign is led by the Older Women’s Network NSW in partnership with the
Kindness Pandemic – an initiative of Celebrate Ageing Ltd.

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