Recipes for Connection

“It felt very good being together. I really enjoyed cooking with the women from Syria and learning about their food and their country”


Agnes stirring food in a pot on a stove.

Food is the universal connector. It breaks down barriers and brings people together.

When we gather to eat, and when we cook for others, we are sharing ourselves, our heritage, our humanity and our love.

This belief is at the core of our Recipes for Connection workshops. The project brings together older women from migrant communities, some of whom are from war-torn countries, to share their memories and stories from their home country, and to cook and share these important recipes and the stories that come with them.

The project helps older women to connect with others from different countries, to learn each other’s culture and to develop inter-cultural friendships in a safe and supportive space.

This project celebrates the older women’s cultures and values their knowledge. Through the process of storytelling and cooking together, the women make new friendships and feel validated.

The delicious recipes and stories will be collated into a book and shared with everyone, as it is an important document which speaks to the resilience of older women.

It will feature women like Nadah (right) who shared her recipe for Halawet El Jibn, a traditional Syrian dessert. It’s creamy and delicious with a hint of orange blossom and rose petal and finished with a pistachio crumb!

A woman, Najah, holding a plate of food

We are now recruiting for our next set of workshops!

We are looking for older women from refugee/migrant backgrounds to participate in a series of 5 workshops to tell their stories through food and cooking.

The dates for the next two workshops in at The Punchbowl Culinary School are as follows:

Workshop 2:

6th August, 13th August, 20th August, 27th August and 3rd September

Workshop 3:

29th October, 5th November, 12th November, 19th Nov and 26th Nov

The dates for the final two workshops will be at the Older Women’s Network at Newtown as follows:

Workshop 1:

29th August, 5th Sep, 12th Sep, 19th Sept and 26th September.

Workshop 2:

24th October, 31st October, 7th November, 14th Nov and 21st Nov

What is involved?

  • The participants will have to commit to attending all 5 workshops in that particular series.
  • They will be requested to submit a recipe that has cultural or significant meaning to them personally.
  • Limited English is NOT a barrier. Recipes can be written in any language.
  • All materials will be provided for free and each participant will be given a $20 grocery voucher per workshop to cover their cost of transportation etc.
  • No cooking experience is necessary for participation.
  • Participants will be able to share the food after each workshop.
  • There is a maximum of 10 women per workshop.
  • The recipes and stories will be collated into an eBook.
  • The programme will culminate in a final celebration where we welcome everyone back to celebrate our achievements!
A woman scraping sauce into a frying pan into a pot

Please fill out the form below if you are interested or would like some more information.

You can also contact the office on 02 95198044 or

This project is proudly supported by the NSW Premiers Department.

 More Information

You can contact Christine on 0417 684664 or

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