Calling all women in NSW over 50 who are looking for work!

Introducing our tailored Pathways to Employment Program

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For over three decades, the Older Women’s Network NSW (OWN NSW) has been advocating for the rights dignity and wellbeing of older women in NSW.

Older women face many barriers when looking to re-enter the workforce. Recognising this need we are thrilled to introduce our tailored Pathways to Employment Program.

The program is a free service designed to work closely with you one on one, to facilitate your re-entry and appropriate placement in the workforce.

Together we can help you into employment

Our Pathways to Employment Coordinator, Sharon Stone, provides support in resume writing, interview coaching, job search strategies, and most importantly, confidence-building.

While our program is relatively new, we’ve already assisted several women in securing employment. The only requirement for entry is that you’re over 50 and reside in NSW with a desire to rejoin the workforce.

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Pathways to Employment Coordinator, Sharon Stone

Over 50, living in NSW & need help to find work?

Sign up to our free Pathways to Employment program

Let us help you to find that job. We are here to support and mentor you through the whole career process and through those crucial first months of employment.

Just fill in the form below and Sharon will be in touch. 


 More Information

Reach out to Sharon at or call (02) 9519 8044 to learn more.

Work with Sharon to find success.

How does the program work?

In this short explanatory video Sharon takes you through the FREE Pathways to Employment program step by step.

Sharon explains how the program can offer you;

  • Job seeking advice
  • Mentoring & support
  • Confidence building skills
  • Upskilling opportunities


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