Lick Lick Blink

OWN NSW supported Willoh S. Weiland with her modern art installation, Lick Lick Blink, for The National which was held in March 2019.

It all began with the question to our members: “Are you female-identifying & furious about the representation of women in cinema? Are you an older woman who wants to really tell it like it is on screen, and scream? But not because you are being chased…”

Willoh S. Weiland wanted to turn the representation of women, especially older women, on its head in this modern installation. 

Artist, Willoh S. Weiland, talking to an OWN participant.
Sandy Sissel standing behind the camera
OWN participants sitting in theatre chairs

We helped recruit 120 OWN members and friends, all older women, for the 10 minute video.

Willoh enlisted the help of Sandy Sissel, an award winning cinematographer who has worked on films such as ‘Salaam Bombay’.

It was a fantastic experience and opened everyone’s eyes to the painstaking and repetitive nature of film making!

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