Creative Women of OWN

stories & work behind artists within our community

Painting by Pascale Hair-Spuhler © All Rights Reserved.

Loris Quantock sitting in front of one of her paintings

Loris Quantock with one of her paintings.

Creative Women of OWN is a new series featuring the story and work behind some creative artists within our community. In the first instalment we feature five very different artists – some painters, a potter and a textile artist. You might be surprised to learn the story behind some familiar faces.

‘I had time’ was a common catch cry from all our artists when asked why they started. Growing older gave them time to explore their creativity. The message to other creative women at OWN is ‘It’s never too late!’

Read their story and follow the link to find out more about their work.

When I started I was terrified and excited at the same time. I wasn’t planning it as a career path. I gave myself permission to explore for a couple of years.

Christine Wallace


Calling all OWN artists!

Do you exhibit or sell your visual art or music? We are eager to talk to members who are independent artists or part of a creative group for our next series.

Please contact us via the form below:

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