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Pascale sitting at a table, painting

Pascale’s paintings are in deep contrast from her native Switzerland. They represent the bright light of Australia that struck her when she first arrived. Her watercolours, sometimes include metallics’, and the brightest of gouache to emphasise her botanical patterns.

Pascale’s home base is filled with light filtered by a row of eucalyptus lining the property edge. The light is her inspiration. It streams in as she sits in her combined kitchen-studio for the mood to take her to her imaginative paintings. “I have a tendency to enjoy what is very bright,” she states.

The pathway to the artistic life Pascale enjoys today was a long one. She was an artist way before she did any training, growing up in Geneva her creativity was put on hold: “In high school I wanted to do art, but they say – ‘no that’s not right’. And so I did business.”

It is the freedom of putting the first layer of water colour and seeing how it plays out.

3 citrus bowls by Christine Wallace
Watercolour painting of 2 vases with plants

When Pascale came to Australia in the 80’s, she did a colour and design course over two years: “But then I had kids and had to work so I left it.” Then in 2016 after finishing work she picked it up again.

She has chosen her mix of materials simply because she was interested and drawn to the accessibility of watercolor and gouache. “With short drying times, it’s a practical material for working at home.”

Asked to talk about her ‘favourite’ piece, she is torn, she enjoys making each one, often the finished product is a surprise. For Pascale, making art is about staying in the moment: “It is the freedom of putting on the first layer of watercolour and seeing how it plays out. There is a degree of softness and flow and a kind of delicacy and sensitivity.”

Watercolour painting of a cat on islands of land in the night sky
Loris Quantock painting- Isle of Skye. Summer Nocturne. Oil on canvas. 60cmx40cm

Growing older, Pascale said her work has changed: “I kind of learnt how to loosen up. Once I used to draw and paint things that were very precise like animals and faces. Now I just enjoy the colours.”

What she needs most to start painting is strong light, the glow of lamps at night is not enough so she works during the day. Her yearning for light and bright colours comes from her time growing up in Switzerland, she said, “It was grey, now I like the brightness of everything, I like the colours, the intensity of the light.”

Watercolour painting of graduating colours (blue. pink, yellow)and dot points by Pascale HS

In the future she would like to dedicate more time to painting and having a bit more fun with the process. This will Include undertaking larger scale work, and trying new materials. For the moment she says, “It’s just a lovely life.”

In the spirit of other artists we have spoken to in this series, she would tell other women thinking of becoming a ‘late-age artist’ –  “Just go for it, it doesn’t matter when you start.”

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