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Loris Quantock drawing in her studio

In her late thirties, Loris Quantock left her primary school teaching and enrolled in art school. Her artwork has taken her to solo and group exhibitions, seen her selected for artist-in-residence programs (including two in Iceland), and receiving awards both in Australia and internationally.

She doesn’t think of her herself as remarkable, she thought art would be a “great way to get out of everyday land. And it was”.

“I find it very satisfying. I like it because it’s very challenging. It works on lots of levels for me, if I achieve something that I’m happy with I feel very satisfied. It’s nice that people like it. That’s motivating, selling work is also motivating. I think mostly it’s to satisfy a creative urge.”

I didn’t start painting until I was in my late 30’s. I was teaching and I just thought art was a great way to get out of everyday land. And it was.

Loris Quantock painting- Lake Morris Far Nth QLD Nocturne Oil on canvas. 60cmx40cm

The art world has given Loris something different and unexpected. She enjoys the people she meets, being in a like-minded community. and the projects she gets invited to. “I’ve had a whole different life to what I thought I would have”.

What would she say to women thinking about taking a step into a creative practice: “Don’t hesitate, I think older women at this stage are much more free spirited.”

She advises not to be mistaken to think you need to reignite a creative youth. Loris is not sure where her creativity started: “I grew up in suburban wasteland, I can’t say that there is anything in my background, that fostered my creativity. I think there are people who grow up and have a paint brush in their hand from year dot. That certainly wasn’t me, I didn’t have that luxury”; she is quick to laugh in recognition not in resentment.

Loris Quantock painting- Lake Morris Far Nth QLD Oil on canvas. 60cmx40cm
Loris Quantock painting- Isle of Skye. Summer Nocturne. Oil on canvas. 60cmx40cm

Loris is inspired by the natural environment and long bush walks that create her real and imagined landscapes. Looking at a landscape work in progress Loris explains: “I like the south coast NSW, down near Ulludulla, that’s a favourite at the moment.”

Growing older has allowed Loris to be more creative, she says: “I don’t care what other people think so much, so like these paintings (pointing to her new work on mid- century architecture), I’ve never done work like this before, I’m not sure about them, but I don’t really care.”

Loris Quantock painting- Vermilion Cliffs Oil on canvas 150cmx50cm

Creativity benefits both the artist and the community she says, “Life would be very dull without art. There is art all around us, all the time. Even on the back of the bus, somebody has put some thought into that, so it’s artwork.” She advises: “Just look at nature and be inspired.”

What happens next for Loris?

“At Lennox Street Studios (where she exhibits) we have an exhibition the first weekend of every November. I’ll be working on that.”

Loris Quantock drawings in her studio

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