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Linda Cairnes in her studio

Linda has always been immersed in her community through creative projects. Starting in childhood, then taking up paid work at 19 in a London graphics studio, and later completing a degree in Community Arts and Development in Manchester.

She has worked in just about every aspect of the creative arts – selling her paintings in galleries, research, management, training, directing, designing, illustrating – she has done it all. As she says: “Making and creating is in my DNA. It’s my expertise. It’s my profession. It is simply how I live.”

Not so long ago she was working in consultation with local communities in the UK, delivering large carnival and processional artwork; such as giant puppets for parades made in the European ‘gigante technique’, learning the skills from traditional Catalonian artists.

In common with the experience of women everywhere, her work had to fit around her other responsibilities, she said, “The hardest thing was fitting ever changing projects around a family life and raising children. This can be difficult as a woman and I often wished I had had a wife.”

There is a creative in us all, whatever our perceived abilities or disabilities.

Now, as she grows older her output remains vibrant and original but she focuses on painting smaller sized works from home, making and selling prints of her work. She continues to find inspiration everywhere. On a walk in the bush, in a library or by watching how others express their creativity.

Linda explains what she still enjoys about working in the arts: “the people you meet, those you collaborate with and the community you work in. Visual artists, actors, musicians, pyrotechnicians, engineers. It was a great deal of fun as well as long hours and hard work.”

A Linda Cairnes painting of King St, Newtown. Main street with buildings on either side
4 family potraits of 4 children
Linda Cairnes multiple artwork spread out on a table

Her message to any women thinking about a new creative project: “when you work in the collaborative arts you will meet fine and clever human beings that enrich your life…there is a creative in us all, whatever our perceived abilities or disabilities.”

Her reason for continuing: “Art puts us in touch with a sense of wonder. It allows us to tell our stories and to make change.”

2 Pinapple cups by Christine Wallace

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