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I lived in Bangalore, India with Mum, Dad, one older sister, and a younger brother and sister I had finished high school at 14 and was at University at age 16 studying Political Science and Sociology. My family and friends saw me as a child prodigy.

I loved fashion design and thought I might become a commercial artist after my studies. After finishing Uni, I began to think I’d get married and not work. I’m the 3rd generation of women in my family to go to university (very unusual in India during the 20th century). We were all educated (women) but we didn’t work after marriage.

However, that wasn’t to be my path. The man I married was violent. I came to Australia at age 25 and became a single mum shortly thereafter. Before my separation and divorce, I’d been doing odd jobs but career became important after that time. I began to study and rose in my chosen career (HR & OD) to Director level. I still crave knowledge and I’ve been studying ever since.

Profession – Part time lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in organisational behaviour and social sciences.

Studies – Masters in Commerce, currently finishing a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling

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