The Three Rs: Rights, Roadblocks and Resilience – A Challenge To Ageism

On this page you will find links to material presented at the Older Women’s Network of NSW initial Forum on Ageism held at the NSW Parliament House on 16 August, 2012.

The idea of the Forum grew out of our experiences as older women. We know from experience that we are either ignored thus made invisible or we are identified as a problem with the potential to inflict all sorts of dire effects on younger generations.

But we are, in part, the products of our history. For some it’s been lucky, for others fraught with difficulties or everything in between.

As women we share the consequences of our biology and the discrimination this has attracted which for many, now means an inevitable slide into poverty as we age.

But, we are resilient, we represent the new age of old age! We strive to be healthy and engaged.

To be an inclusive and ‘fair’ society, governments must recognise the great diversity that we represent, the obstacles that limit our capacity to continue to contribute to our own wellbeing and that of society.

We need a commitment from them to ensure that policies and programs are both gender and age specific, that they are not, in effect, discriminatory.

This Forum addressed some of those impediments and devised Strategies for Change to chart our course to a more positive future, and celebrate the resilience of all women.

Dr Sonia Laverty
Chairperson, OWN NSW

Forum Presentations available for download:

For more information, please contact the OWN NSW Coordinator.

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