Illawarra Wellness

a holistic approach to achieve good health and wellbeing in mind and body

Who Are We?

IIllawarra Wellness Centre was opened in September 2009 and commenced with classes in Tai Chi, Gentle Exercise and Drumming on Monday only.

Within a year or two, extra classes were added so that we now operate every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday during school terms, at the Coniston Community Hall, 24-26 Bridge Street, Coniston; (adjacent to Coniston Railway station.)

Local buses run regularly and will drop passengers close by.

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Barbara Malcolm
4229 9504

Janice 0437721 353

Our program of activities, include:


  • Tai Chi
  • Extra Gentle Exercise
  • Fitness For Seniors
  • Drumming
  • Folk Dancing
  • Thai Yoga
  • Ukulele

As we age, a lot of our bits don’t work as well as they used to. At Illawarra Wellness, we strive to maintain those bits that continue to serve us well by using a holistic approach to achieve good health and wellbeing in mind and body.

The OWN Model of Wellness challenges medical discourses in which life events such as loneliness, poverty, grief and stress are frequently defined as health ‘problems’ to be medicated. Through physical activities, community engagement, social interaction and skill development, OWN encourages older women to live positive and supportive lives, despite illness and frailty.

Our philosophy is based on the concept that how we age is influenced not only by physical factors, but also by socio-economic, emotional and social considerations.

Facilitated workshops are regularly featured with a diverse range of topics chosen specifically to enlighten and inspire us to pursue and introduce positivity, joy and wellbeing into our lives.

Our costs are kept as low as possible, so why not try a Wellness Experience?


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