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"The A-Z of Ageing Disgracefully: How to Fudge Your Way to Fabulousness".

Feb 16

Join us for this special event.

OWN NSW Seniors Festival Event

“The A-Z of Ageing Disgracefully: How to Fudge Your Way to Fabulousness”.

Join us for an afternoon of humour and substance as we delve into how to age disgracefully!

There are so many limitations placed on people who are ageing, with expectations of ‘age appropriate’ behaviour and attire for instance. This event will delve into both the lighthearted as well as serious business of ageing.

Issues of ageism and expectations will be explored with Jean Kittson, writer, comedian, mother, carer and fabulous post-menopausal older woman. Older people, and especially older women, are commonly called upon to fulfill the responsibilities that come with ageing – including caring for elderly parents, children and grandchildren, often simultaneously.

Questions will be explored on what the formula is to age fabulously, and how to accomplish it with passion, style, grace and humour so we can maintain equanimity and support our wellbeing.

This event will give participants an opportunity to discuss the stereotyping of older people, and how we can turn it on its head and give those ageist attitudes a very dignified finger.

Jean Kittson is the ideal speaker to talk through these issues as she is someone who has fudged her way to fabulousness as she ages, while remaining active, engaged and being a carer of her parents. Participants will be treated to an afternoon of humour and substance on how to age disgracefully!

Jean Kittson will be in conversation with OWN NSW Ambassador Caroline Baum and stay for a Q&A with our audience.

Date: Thursday 16th February 2023
Time: 3 – 5 pm
Location: CANVA Space 1/110 Kippax St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Bookings essential at http://bit.ly/3CSBfix.
This is a free event, however, we are asking for a $5 donation as a deposit that will be fully refundable on the day.
Afternoon tea will be served.

This event is brought to you by OWN NSW and supported by the NSW Government.


Feb 16


3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


by the 3rd Feb

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Women are traditional spinners - of tales, of cloth, or many fine things. May we in OWN continue to spin strong webs of support which create a safety net for older women's emotional and physical wellbeing; and create a sling from which to catapult into the wider community older women's aspirations for a better world. 

- Noreen Hewett -


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