Planning for the Unexpected Episode 3

May 30

Join us for this special event.

Planning for the inevitable can be a confronting and baffling area, and easy to put in the too hard basket for now. It’s something most of us don’t want to think about.

We don’t know when death comes knocking, but we can certainly put many things in place so you can have peace of mind. Planning ahead can also avoid potential conflict.

This new, free, online series from OWN is presented by family lawyer Alice Mantel, elder law specialist and author of Every Woman’s Guide to Retirement, together with Amanda Armstrong, producer. They will take you systematically through what you need to organise, from writing a will, family conversations, and how to approach the dreaded task of decluttering, etc.

This practical and reassuring series will break down the steps and give you tips to approach planning for the unexpected in a positive and proactive way.

This booking is for Episode THREE: How is your financial health?
It’s never too late to get on top of your personal finances, especially now so many financial transactions happen online, and we need to budget even more carefully to deal with the cost of living. In this episode, Alice runs through some financial basics aimed at putting you in control of your financial health.

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May 30


2:30 PM to 3:30 PM


March 19

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Women are traditional spinners - of tales, of cloth, or many fine things. May we in OWN continue to spin strong webs of support which create a safety net for older women's emotional and physical wellbeing; and create a sling from which to catapult into the wider community older women's aspirations for a better world. 

- Noreen Hewett -


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