Aunty Beryl's Sweet 16 Story

Portrait of Barbara

I lived in Walgett, NSW. After mum died (when I was 14) my nine siblings and me went to live with my aunt and her husband and our cousins.

I was always interested in education. But I had to leave school after our mum passed away and I had to go to work.

At 16 I moved down to Sydney where some of my cousins were working and I applied for a nannying job, it was the only work aboriginal women could apply for. I learned to read & write helping the kids with their homework.

I later worked with the Sisters of Mercy. They enrolled me in teachers college. I got a Bachelors of Education. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Without a formal education it was 10 times harder.

Current profession – Head teacher at Yamma Dhiyaan (Koori Job Ready) and business woman (Hospitality)

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